Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Electrical Appliances

Portable Space Heaters

Space heaters are NOT ALLOWED in campus buildings unless approved by the appropriate Division Vice President. If a Vice President approves the use of a space heater, it must have an Energy Star rating and also be approved by the Energy Management unit.

Environment Exception: Requests to deviate from the building heating and cooling set points or to request the use of a space heater shall be submitted on an Environmental Exception Request and forwarded as specified to the Division Vice President for approval. The Division Vice President will approve or disapprove of the request and forward a copy back to the individual and to the Energy Management unit in Facilities Services.

  • Approved space heaters must be plugged directly into a permanent outlet.  The use of extension cords or surge protectors with space heaters is prohibited.
  • Approved space heaters must have a 3 foot clear space around and above the space heater at all times.
  • Approved space heaters must be unplugged when not in use, over breaks, weekends, and after hours. 
  • Approved space heaters must comply with all UNI requirements for use including being UL listed as well as having overheat and tip over protection.  

Space Heater Safety Flyer

Power Strips & Surge Protectors

  • Units must be UL approved and include circuit breaker protection.
  • Surge protectors are designed for sensitive electronics such as Audio Visual equipment, computers, tablets, scanners, etc.  
  • Plugging one power strip into another power strip (daisy-chaining/series connecting) is prohibited..
  • Use of extension cords with power strips and surge protectors is prohibited. 
  • Inspect power strips frequently for frayed wires, improper operation, or poor location such as a wet surface.
  • Practice energy conservation and turn electrical equipment or devices off when not in use.
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, space heaters, toaster ovens, and other high draw appliances cannot not be plugged into power strips. 
  • Homemade multiple outlet boxes or devices are prohibited.

Multiple Outlet Adapters

  • Multi-outlet adapters (turning one outlet into 2 or more) are prohibited.
  • Ungrounded adapters (2 to 3 prong) are prohibited..  

Extension Cords

  • Extension cords are not to be used as a substitute for permanent wiring.
  • Extension cords are designed for temporary use with portable tools and equipment.  They are not a long term solution.  
  • Extension cords may not be run through door openings, corridors, stairways, through drop ceilings, or concealed under carpet.
  • Ungrounded extension cords (2 prong) are prohibited.  
  • Inspect extension cords for frayed, damaged, or broken components frequently, report electrical deficiencies to the Physical Plant 3-4400.
  • Extension cords that have been altered from the manufacturer's specifications are not permitted unless inspected and approved through Facilities Management electrical shop..