Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety



To determine procedures and responsibilities for when a natural gas odor on University property is reported to Facilities Management.

Introductory Statement:

Facilities Management will notify Cedar Falls Utilities of all reports of natural gas odors as soon as possible for investigation.


  1. Any Facilities Management employee who suspects a natural gas leak or who has been given information concerning presence of a natural gas odor must immediately contact Facilities Management dispatch (3-4400).
  2. When Facilities Management dispatch receives notification of a possible natural gas odor, the dispatcher will note with as much detail as possible the location of the potential leak, the identity of the caller, and the time of the call.
  3. The dispatcher will immediately notify Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) by calling 268-5340. Dispatcher will provide as much information to CFU as possible.
  4. Dispatcher will notify Public Safety at 3-4000 of the location of a possible natural gas leak.
  5. Dispatcher will notify appropriate Physical Plant personnel (area mechanic, plumber, management, etc.) of natural gas odor and location.
  6. Physical Plant representative will go to the location of the reported natural gas odor and assist the CFU representative in whatever manner possible.
  7. Calls after 4:00 PM or on weekends are referred to Public Safety dispatch at 273-2712. Public Safety will follow their written procedures.

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