Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Protecting Campus While Working From Home

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Consider the following before you leave your workspace to ensure campus is protected even in your absence:


  • Unplug appliances (microwaves, empty refrigerators, space heaters, etc.)

  • Unplug extension cords

  • Turn off or unplug power strips and surge protectors when possible

  • Move combustible material away from heat sources (radiators, vents,etc.)

  • Ensure nothing is in close proximity to sprinkler heads or smoke detectors

  • Make sure any additional lighting or decorative lighting is turned off and unplugged

  • Ensure doors are not left propped or blocked open

  • Protect sensitive information and equipment

  • Do not leave running water in your space

  • Unplug scent diffusers, phone chargers, tablet chargers, etc.

  • Ensure flammable materials, chemicals, paints, etc. are stored properly