Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Safety Equipment Maintenance Policy

The University of Northern Iowa Physical Plant maintains a fleet of vehicles, which are used for transportation of employees, tools, and equipment to and from university job sites.  Vehicles are equipped with safety equipment depending on the job being done by the driver of the vehicle.

FIRST AID KITS should be readily available, if needed, to employees whose work area is away from the first aid supplies at the Physical Plant.  First aid kits are to be kept in each vehicle.  When first aid supplies are used from the vehicle first aid kit, the kit should be re-supplied as soon as possible from the master first aid boxes located throughout the Physical Plant.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are issued to vehicles whose driver may have occasion to weld, burn, or perform any other work resulting in a source of ignition.  If a vehicle issued fire extinguisher is discharged it should be immediately brought to the attention of the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) office.  A determination will be made as to whether the fire extinguisher needs to be recharged or replaced.

Initial outfitting of vehicles with safety equipment and subsequent maintenance or replacement of missing safety equipment will be the responsibility of the unit to which the vehicle is assigned.

If vehicles are taken out of service and replaced, the first aid kit and fire extinguisher if equipped should be transferred from the old vehicle to the new one.  If a vehicle is added to the unit, the vehicle should be equipped with a first aid kit and a determination made as to whether a fire extinguisher is needed.

Once per year, in the month of July, the Physical Plant Vehicle Safety Equipment Inspection form will be completed on each Physical Plant vehicle by the unit to which the vehicle is assigned. It will be the responsibility of the unit to return a copy of the inspection report to the EH&S office by the last day of the month due.

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