Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Approved Campus Race Routes

Hosting a Race on Campus

The following routes have been approved for event use, but the event itself still must be approved through Student Life and Event Services. Anyone seeking approval for outdoor space, or campus grounds, can fill out the appropriate reservation form.

These routes have been formulated to minimize street crossings while passing by optimal points on campus for runners to enjoy.

Route 1: Campanile Mile

Start/End location: Campanile

Distance: 1 mile

Race route from Campanile, to 27th St, to Maucker, behind Lang, to Bartlett, back to Campanile.

Route 2: UNI Mile

Start/End Location: Southeast university entrance arch

Distance: 1 mile

Race route from SE arch, to Seerly, to Curris, to West Gym, to ITTC, to Lang, back to SE arch.

Route 3: Dash from the Dome

Start/End Location: Behind UNI Dome

Distance: 5k

Street crossings: 2  [West 23rd Street]

Race route from behind Dome, under Hudson tunnel, to the Towers, across 23rd St, around the Campanile, to Maucker, to College St, to 27th St, across 23rd St, back under Hudson tunnel, back behind Dome.

Route 4: Campanile Craze

Start/End Location: Campanile

Distance: 5k

Race route from Campanile, start loop at West Gym, to Maucker, to College St, to 27th St, repeat loop, finish around SHC, back to Campanile.

Route notes: Yellow arrows indicate a repeated loop. Runners will enter the loop almost right away and do the whole loop two times, and on the third time around take a left by Rod Library to finish.

Route 5: TK's 5k

Start/End Location: Industrial Technology Center (ITC)

Distance: 5k

Race route from ITC, under University tunnel, up College St, to the Campanile, around Maucker, to Sabin, to West Gym, to SHC, to College St, back to University tunnel, around BRC to finish.