Approved Campus Race Routes

Race routes that have been approved for event use and formulated to minimize street crossings while passing by optimal points on campus for runners to enjoy.

Car Bash Safety Guidelines

Safety is critically important when considering a car smash event.

Generator Usage and Safety for Events

Having sufficient power for everything for your event can be critical to its success, but safety is also critically important. Primary hazards to avoid when using a generator are carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution, and fire. 

Inflatables Usage and Safety Guidelines for Events

Having inflatables for events can be a fun and interactive way to engage groups on campus, but safety is also critically important. They must be set up and anchored properly and used in good weather to ensure the fun doesn't fly away.  

Piano Smash Safety Guidelines

Safety is critically important when considering a piano smash event.

Open Flame Permits

The use of an open flame, including candles or incense, should be approved by UNI's Fire and Loss Control Coordinator. To request an open flame permit please complete the Open Flame Request Form.


Food Truck Guidelines

Individuals looking to bring a food truck to campus should follow UNI Dining Guidelines for outside vendors. In addition, all food trucks should follow NFPA's Food Truck Safety Fact Sheet

Grilling Guidelines

Grilling on university property may be conducted without an open flame permit under certain conditions.

Outside Vendors

All potentially hazardous food and beverages (those which must be temperature-controlled in order to remain safe to consume) must be prepared in and/or provided by a licensed commercial food service or caterer when providing food or beverages. UNI Catering procedures must be followed.

The university may be asked to provide proof of self-insurance for its facilities and activities. To request a memorandum of proof of self-insurance, contact the Risk Manager and provide the necessary information about the activity, services or event to be covered, including the dates and to who the certificate should be issued.