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Hosting a Race on Campus

Are your racers ready for the Campanile Mile, Dash from the Dome, TK's 5k? Find UNI's newly approved race routes here. 

UNI Track Race

Walk Safe This Winter

Winter is here! When you can’t avoid walking on slick surfaces, walk like a penguin. Click above to find additional tips from IDPH on safe winter walking.

Walking in snow on central campus.

Getting the Urge to Clean?

With the warm weather comes a desire to shine and polish your home. But when warning labels are ignored or chemicals fall into the wrong hands, disaster can occur. 

School of Music - Opera - Hansel and Gretel - Dancing with Broom

Stay Safe in Cold Weather

Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, or Winter Weather - Whatever you call it learn how to stay healthy during extremely cold weather!

Students Waiting in Line Outside During Winter Weather.

Looking For An Open Flame For Your Event?

An open flame permit is required for all open flames on campus, follow these steps to request a permit.

UNI Production of Rent with Flame on Stage

Lightning: When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors

Lightning strikes the Earth more than 8 million times per day, see how you can stay safe.