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Campus Emergencies

Emergency Shelters

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The best protection in a tornado or severe weather is usually an underground area. The best above ground areas in a building are:

  • Small interior rooms on lowest level.
  • Hallways on lowest floor away from outside doors and windows.
  • Rooms constructed of reinforced concrete, brick or block with no windows and heavy concrete floor or roof.

Severe Winds (DOR Buildings)

In the case of severe winds, the hall office and/or Coordinator will be notified by the DOR Facilities Secretary. After hours communication of severe winds will come from the University Police.

The RLC on Call will need to inform each RA on Call of the weather reports.

Use intercoms/megaphones to ask students to close windows to avoid damage.

It is important to encourage residents to close and stay clear of windows with assistance from hall staff members. Damage from high winds may include broken glass, blowing debris, and structural damage such as roof materials.

If any serious structural damage should occur, contact the Director of Residence Facilities immediately to start damage assessment processes.

For minor damages such as broken windows, cover window with cardboard and report the broken window to the Director of Residence Facilities.

Any student property damage should be referred to the student's insurance provider. The University is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

Building Evacuation Diagrams

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