Car Bash Safety Guidelines

Car Preparation

  • All glass must be removed from the vehicle
  • All fluids must be drained from the vehicle and disposed of in a proper manner
  • Remove all stored energy devices (batteries, airbags)
  • Deflate tires to a pressure of 15 psig


Event Site

The event area should:

  • Be a paved area
  • Allow for clear and free access to the car
  • The car should be placed on a single sheet of heavy duty polyethylene sheeting (e.g. 6-mil) for ease of clean-up
  • The location may not obstruct emergency vehicle access to campus facilities or regular campus walkways
  • Additional site requirements may be required by Grounds Department and /or Public Safety
  • Written authorization shall be required from Grounds Department and/or Public Safety

A perimeter should be established and should:

  • Be 30 feet around the entire car;  and
  • Be cordoned off with barrier tape except an opening for participants to enter through

Participant Preparation

Participants must:

  • Sign a standard waiver;
  • Agree, in writing, to the event rules
  • Use only approved tools; and
  • Wear the following personal protective equipment (PPE):
  • Heavy duty leather work gloves (provided by event operators)
  • Safety goggles (provided by event operators)
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn (sneakers are acceptable). No opened toe shoes (e.g. sandals, flip flops) or bare feet are permitted


Sledgehammers to be used for the event must meet the following requirements:

  • The head must be flat on both ends (edged or axed ends are not permitted)
  • The handle must be made of fiberglass or composite material (wood handles are not permitted)
  • Not weigh more than 10 pounds
  • Be in good physical shape (head must be tight)
  • Must be checked and inspected periodically during the event (e.g. every participant) to check for integrity; and
  • Damaged sledge hammers must be removed from the event

Event Rules

The following rules should be in place at the event:

  • No one will be permitted within 30 feet of the car except the participant
  • Participants must stand with both feet on the ground while participating
  • Participants are not allowed to stand on any part of the car at any time
  • Participants must wear all protective equipment at all times while inside the exclusion zone
  • Participants must obey all verbal commands and signals of the event operators; and
  • Failure to abide by these rules is grounds for removal from the event

Conclusion of Event

After the event:

  • Arrangements must be made to remove the car and pieces of the car off campus immediately following the event for proper disposal
  • The ground area around and underneath the car must be surveyed for pieces that may have broken off during the event; and
  • The area must be swept clean