Construction Area Access Program

This program is for construction areas on the University of Northern Iowa’s campus that are not considered public access and have been labeled a Construction Area. This program applies to both construction areas under the control of either in-house Facilities Management staff or contractors. The purpose of this program is to establish entry procedures for visitors when entering construction areas on campus.


Construction Area – A controlled and labeled space where maintenance, demolition, or new construction is being performed where additional safety requirements may be implemented to mitigate additional hazards not usually present at that location on campus. If there are any questions regarding the scope of the area, contact the Lead Facilities Management Employee.

Lead Facilities Management Employee – The Facilities Management employee assigned as the Lead to the specific construction area. This individual knows the details of the construction project and is a main point of contact for visitors to the area. For projects involving a contractor, this individual is the Construction Project Manager within Design and Construction.

Visitor – Anyone visiting the area who does not report to the Lead Facilities Management Employee.



Contractor – Ensuring that their workers comply to all safety requirements set by Iowa OSHA, their company, the university or any other regulatory authority.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) – It is EHS’s responsibility to work with departments and employees so as to ensure UNI provides a safe and healthful workplace that is free from serious recognized hazards.

Personal Accountability – Being responsible for yourself while visiting the construction project, making sure that you are fully complying with all safety requirements and being aware of your surroundings.


Construction Project Entry Procedure

Visitors shall contact the appropriate Lead Facilities Management Employee prior to entering a construction project area so as to:

  1. Set up a time to visit the construction area;
  2. Review any site-specific hazards;
  3. Determine if any safety training is needed prior to entry. This may include EHS training, contractor safety training, or reading and reviewing OSHA’s Construction PPE QuickCard;
  4. Discuss any necessary personal protective equipment (PPE); and
  5. Determine if visitors should be escorted through the construction site.

While on the construction area individuals shall exercise personal accountability at all times.


Contact Information

Employees may call Facilities Management (3-4400) to contact the Lead Facilities Management Employee.


Exceptions to this Program

The Facilities Management Director, or his/her designee, may grant an exception to the requirements of this program. If an exception is granted employees must still be made aware of any hazards, receive the appropriate safety training, and be provided the appropriate PPE for the areas of the construction site they will be visiting. 

This program does not apply to first responders or regulatory authorities. 

Reviewed by EHS on 7/24/2023

Reviewed by the Facilities Management Safety Committee on 7/27/2022