1. Grilling must be conducted at least 20 feet away from buildings, decks/patios, tents/canopies, trees/shrubbery and vehicles.
  2. Grilling must be conducted in grills that are manufactured for such purposes. Custom made or altered grills must be inspected and approved by UNI's Fire and Loss Control Coordinator.
  3. Charcoal, starting fluid or liquid propane (L.P.) and components must be used per manufacturer’s recommendation.
  4. Charcoal starting fluid, manufactured specifically for such purposes, shall be the only flammable/combustible liquid allowed to start charcoal.
  5. L.P. containers are not allowed to be stored inside buildings, in or near high traffic areas, within 20 feet of a building entrance or exit, and must be shut off when not in use. L.P. containers must also be contained either in a containment device/cage designed for such use or be attached to the grill.  
  6. Charcoal and ash must be doused with water prior to being disposed of. Disposal must be done using a noncombustible container.
  7. Large events where grilling is conducted (football events, festivals, etc.) must be inspected for safety by UNI's Fire and Loss Control Coordinator.
  8. Tailgating festivities must comply with university policy.
  9. Grills are not to be used to burn any items such as trash, paper products, wood, plastics, etc.  
  10. Grills must be attended at all times while in use. 
  11. Grills must not obstruct any fire protection features of a building: fire hydrants, fire department connections, etc. 

Use of grills deemed unsafe or in violation of the grilling guidelines may result in future grilling activities having to request an open flame permit.