Inflatables Useage and Safety for Events

Having inflatables for events can be a fun and interactive way to engage groups on campus, but safety is also critically important. They must be set up and anchored properly and used in good weather to ensure the fun doesn't fly away. 

  1. Inflatables shall not be used in high winds, rain, snow or lightning conditions. If wind exceeds 15 MPH, the inflatable must be emptied and deflated. 
  2. Inflatables must be set up on a stable, flat surface
  3. The area should be checked for any type of debris that may damage the inflatable or patrons prior to set up
  4. All anchor points must be anchored properly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Anchoring must occur at both indoor and outdoor events utilizing inflatables.
  5. Inflatables that are not anchored properly will not be approved for use.
  6. Electrical service for inflatables must be arranged through the event request/facilities management if needed.
  7. If generators are required, they must be used in accordance with university generator guidelines (
  8. When stakes are used to secure inflatables, utility locates must be completed ahead of time. Utility locate information can be found at:
  9. Power and extension cords must be 3-prong plug style, of proper size and in good condition.
  10. Inflatables should be inspected by the Risk Management & Environmental Health & Safety office after being set up, but before they are put into operation.