Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety


Property Insurance

Master Property Policy

The university participates in the Midwestern Higher Education Compact’s Master Property Program, this program provides all risk property coverage including earthquake, flood, and boiler/machinery. Deductibles vary depending on the nature of the property.

Iowa Code, Section 29C.20

The State of Iowa self-insures, on behalf of the university, property deemed general university property, exclusive of self-supporting facilities. This contingency fund exists under Iowa Code, Section 29C.20

Liability Insurance

General Liability

The State of Iowa self-insures, on behalf of the university, losses related to tort claims. Tort claims are handled as provided in the Iowa Code, Chapter 669, which also sets forth the procedures by which tort claims may be brought. Claims under Chapter 669 may be filed against the State on account of wrongful death, personal injury or property damage incurred by reason of the negligence of the university or its employees while acting within the scope of employment. 

Liquor Liability

The University of Northern Iowa holds two Class C liquor permits from the State of Iowa, Alcoholic Beverage Division and is licensed to sell and serve alcoholic beverages through the UNI-Dome Concessions license and the Department of Residence license. All sales and services must be contracted through one of those departments.

Auto Insurance

University Vehicles

The University of Northern Iowa participates with the other institutions governed by the Board of Regents in the Iowa Regents Motor Vehicle Self-Insurance Program. This program provides comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage. Any deductible is assessed to a driver's department.

Other Motor Vehicles (Non-University Owned, Borrowed, or Personal Vehicles)

For non-owned vehicles, the Regents Motor Vehicle Self-Insurance Program will provide excess liability coverage if the driver was on authorized university business at the time of the loss.

In the event you are involved in an accident in a non-owned, private or borrowed vehicle while you are conducting university business, report the accident immediately to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction.

Rental Vehicles

When possible individuals are encouraged to utilize the university's contracted vendors when renting cars to ensure appropriate insurance coverage. These contracts include a Damage Waiver ("DW") (which may be described as LDW or CDW by the renal agent) and Third Party Liability Protection at no additional cost.

If a non-contracted rental company is selected, the following guidelines apply:

  1. Verify whether or not basic third party liability protection is included in the rental prices. If liability protection is not provided, it is recommended that the traveler purchase the minimum amount of liability protection available.
  2. Verify whether or not a damage waiver is included in the rental prices. If a damage waiver is not provided, it is also recommended that the traveler purchase the damage waiver (may be referred to as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)) for the rental.

Certificates of Insurance

The university may be asked to provide proof of self-insurance for its facilities and activities. To request a memorandum of proof of self-insurance, contact the Risk Manager and provide the necessary information about the activity, services or event to be covered, including the dates and to who the certificate should be issued.