Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Physical Plant Student Employee General Safety Policy

  1. Student employees must be informed of any recognized hazards in their workplace.  It is the responsibility of supervisors and assistant managers to provide adequate health and safety orientation related to standard operating procedures, hazards, and personal protective equipment.  This policy shall be shared with student employees during orientation.  The orientation should be provided prior to working in the area
  2. Student employees shall practice and observe all safety rules with special attention to the safety devices on equipment provided for their own protection.   Student employees shall use protective devices as required and shall exercise proper care and treatment of such protective devices.  There shall be no alterations of safety equipment.
  3. Student employees assigned to a unit shall use the same personal protective equipment that is required by full time employees including safety footwear.  No sandals or open toed shoes will be worn in the shop areas of the Physical Plant, except for arriving or leaving the work site.
  4. Student employees shall report unsafe conditions immediately, or as soon as practical, to the person directly in charge. (i.e. supervisor, assistant manager or manager)
  5. Injuries or accidents, no matter how slight, must be reported at once to the person directly in charge and all first report of injuries completed by the end of the shift.
  6. Student employees have access to all written safety programs and documentation through the Environmental Health and Safety website.  Additional copies are available in the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

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