Event Site

The event area should:

  • Be a paved area;
  • Allow for clear and free access to the piano; and
  • The piano should be placed on a single sheet of heavy duty polyethylene sheeting (e.g. 6-mil) for ease of clean-up.
  • A perimeter should be established and should:
  • Be 15 feet around the entire piano; and
  • Be cordoned off with barrier tape except an opening for participants to enter through.

Participant Preparation

Participants must:

  • Sign a standard waiver;
  • Agree, in writing, to the event rules;
  • Use only approved tools; and
  • Wear the following personal protective equipment (PPE):
  • Heavy duty leather work gloves (provided by event operators);
  • Safety goggles (provided by event operators);
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn (sneakers are acceptable). No opened toe shoes (e.g. sandals, flip flops) or bare feet are permitted.


  • Sledgehammers to be used for the event must meet the following requirements:
  • The head must be flat on both ends (edged or axed ends are not permitted);
  • The handle must be made of fiberglass or composite material (wood handles are not permitted);
  • Not weigh more than 10 pounds;
  • Be in good physical shape (head must be tight);
  • Must be checked and inspected periodically during the event (e.g. every participant) to check for integrity; and
  • Damaged sledge hammers must be removed from the event.

Event Rules

  • The following rules should be in place at the event:
  • No one will be permitted within 15 feet of the piano except the participant.
  • Participants must stand with both feet on the ground while participating;
  • Participants are not allowed to stand on any part of the piano at any time;
  • Participants must wear all protective equipment at all times while inside the exclusion zone;
  • Participants must obey all verbal commands and signals of the event operators; and
  • Failure to abide by these rules is grounds for removal from the event.

Conclusion of Event

  • After the event:
  • Arrangements must be made to remove pieces of the piano off campus immediately following the event for proper disposal;
  • The ground area around and underneath the piano must be surveyed for pieces that may have broken off during the event; and
  • The area must be swept clean.