Procedure for Reporting Natural Gas Odors

The purpose of this program is to outline the procedures and responsibilities for when a natural gas odor is detected or suspected on university property.

  • Cedar Falls Utilities will be notified as soon as possible for all reports of natural gas odors.


During normal business hours:

  1. Anyone who detects or suspects a natural gas odor, or who has been given information concerning the presence of a natural gas odor, should immediately contact Facilities Management dispatch at extension 34400 or 319-273-4400. 
  2. Facilities Management dispatch will obtain pertinent information including the location of the odor, the identity of the caller, and the time of the call.
  3. Facilities Management dispatch will notify Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) at 319-268-5340. 
  4. Facilities Management dispatch will notify Public Safety at extension 32712 or 319-273-2712.
  5. Facilities Management dispatch will notify the appropriate Facilities Management personnel (area mechanic, plumber, management, etc.).
  6. A Facilities Management representative will go to the location of the reported natural gas odor to assist the CFU representatives.

During non-business hours (after 4:00 PM, on weekends, or holidays) calls should be directed to Public Safety dispatch at extension 32712 or 319-273-2712. Public Safety will follow their written procedures.

Reviewed by Risk/EHS on 7/14/2023