Protective Footwear Program - Risk/EHS


Full time Environmental Health and Safety employees during the course and scope of their employment will occasionally enter areas where protective footwear is required. Part time employees (student office employees) should not enter areas where protective footwear is required.


Full time Environmental Health and Safety employees are eligible for reimbursement of $90.00 per fiscal year or $180.00 every two consecutive fiscal years, not to exceed the actual cost of footwear purchases.  UNI will pay the cost of special prescription safety footwear only when the employee presents a doctor’s statement prescribing the footwear.

The following information must be submitted in order to receive a reimbursement:

  • Name and UNI ID number of employee
  • Payment choice (check sent to work/or home address)
  • Receipt
  • Amount of reimbursement requested (not to exceed purchase price on receipt)