Protective Shoe Policy for Students

The University of Northern Iowa Physical Plant shall require safety shoes as necessary for all students identified as needing foot protection.  This type of protection shall be required if the work necessitates lifting or carrying dense, rigid articles or equipment; operating machinery that presents a hazard of foot injury; or constantly traversing areas where such activities take place.  Safety shoes must be worn at all times by student employees in those positions identified as requiring this foot protection.

The maximum safety shoe reimbursement for student employees is $50.00 per fiscal year.  The student employees may choose more expensive styles, but the student employees must pay the additional cost.  The student must work one complete semester in their original department of hire to be eligible for this reimbursement.

The student will purchase the shoes and submit the receipt for reimbursement.  After the student has worked one complete semester the receipt will be processed for payment to the student.  No partial payments will be made for partial semesters worked.

The Physical Plant front office processes requests for reimbursement for Physical Plant student employees.  The following information must be submitted in order to receive a reimbursement:

  1. Name and UNI ID number of employee
  2. Payment choice (cashier voucher or check sent to work/or home address)
  3. Original safety shoe purchase receipt
  4. Amount of reimbursement requested (not to exceed purchase price on receipt)

Safety shoes must be replaced when worn beyond repair.  Those damaged or worn due to negligence on the part of the student employee will be replaced at the expense of the student employee.  Minor repairs, laces, etc. will also be at the expense of the student employee.

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