Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Residence Fire Safety

Information on Fire Safety for College Students and  Fire Safety Guidelines

Your Dorm Room

You rent your room from UNI and it is your home while you are here.  However, here are some simple rules and safety tips to keep you and others in the building safe.

  • Candles or open flames of any kind are not allowed!  These items will be confiscated.
  • Extension cords are only allowed for temporary use to power portable appliances.
  • Multi-plug adaptors are not allowed.
  • Do not cover smoke detectors
  • Do not hang items from the sprinkler heads or pile material around the sprinklers
  • Smoking in rooms (or on campus) is not allowed
  • Appliances must be plugged directly into the outlet (i.e. microwaves, refrigerators, coffeepots, etc.)
  • Spaced heaters are not allowed in your rooms. 

Fire Alarm in Residence Halls

Know two ways out of your room and building.  A diagram of your floor and the emergency exits is on your room door.   Become familiar with the exits in your building, as well as the academic buildings and off campus locations.

If you see smoke...

  • If you see fire or smoke GET OUT!  Don’t look for others or gather your stuff!  Close doors & windows, and activate the fire alarm on your way out!
  • Do not try to investigate the cause!  Once you are out of the building, and in a safe area, call 911.
  • Check the door handle.  If it’s hot, DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!  Go to the window and call for help. If it is cool, open it cautiously, and immediately close the door if you encounter smoke or heat and go to your window.
  • Do not worry about your stuff!  Leave everything and get out




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