• Frames are limited to those sold by Luxottica and distributed by LensCrafters, Sears Optical and Pearl Vision Care Locations.  We will deal with LensCrafters in Cedar Falls.  The auto pay arrangement is with LensCrafters in C.F.
  • Regardless of the frame style, the side shields will be permanently attached.
  • Tinted or coated lenses are not allowed.   Photo gray lenses are only permitted if the employee has that on their current prescription.  Permission must be in writing prior to purchase.
  • Eye exams are not reimbursed through this program.  Coverage is available through UNI health plans.  
  • The eligible employee (The customer) needs to go to the “Responsible Person” at Facilities Management, east office, dispatch area or a member of the eyewear committee to request an authorization form. The employee needs to have the form filled out and signed by a member of the eyewear committee.
  • The responsible person will verify eligibility (Once every two years) record the name and date on a spread sheet to track purchases and employee eligibility dates. 
  • The eligible employee takes their authorization form and their prescription to LensCrafters at 6301 University Ave Office, Cedar Falls, IA 50613.  The employee presents the form to the staff at the store. The employee choses the frame and orders the glasses.
  • The employee will receive a summary of the purchase and a receipt from LensCrafters.  Both items must be turned into Mary Hover to be attached to the invoice for payment
  • LensCrafters will deduct up to 60% off of the cost. We expect all orders will be under $250.  LensCrafters will send the invoice to the Facilities Management for payment up to the $250 Limit.  The payment will be processed and paid with a pro-card.
  • The employee can choose options that exceed the $250 limit. In that case, the employee must pay the amount over $250 at the time the glasses are ordered. 
  • As an option, employees will be allowed to purchase "OSHA approved" safety glasses with permanently attached side shields from their own doctor.  Reimbursement up to $250 will follow the same procedure as the purchase of safety shoes.

The $250 amount is based on an above average quality frame and progressive lenses.  The discount off of retail is up to 60%. (Percentage is what UNI was told when making arrangements for this service.)   

If, at the time of purchase the employee is told that the cost of the glasses exceeds the $250 amount and the employee did not request expensive frames, the employee should report this to the Facilities Management office.  The employee can choose to stop the purchase until the cost can be verified and possibly reduced or continue on with the purchase and pay the amount over $250.  If the purchase is completed at the higher amount, the transaction is final and no attempt will be made to reduce the cost for the employee. 

The list of eligible employees will be reviewed annually and updated based on the work hazard assessment for each position.  Current safety eyewear committee members: Gary Saak, Brian Looby & Steve Pavelec. The responsible person is Mary Hover.