Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Radiation Safety

Authorized User Radiation Safety Training

Radiation Safety Manual
Manual for support staff to use.

Routine After-Use Survey Form
Form to document radioactivity for hands, clothing and work areas.

Drain Disposal Log
For use with radioactive materials.

Radioactive Material Inventory
Form for 6 month inventory

Form for assessing the regulatory compliance of a radiation laboratory
Form for recording the transfer and/or destruction of radioactive material
Form authorized user must complete prior to ordering radioactive material
The procedure that must be completed prior to being approved to be placed on the University Academic Radiation License
Form to voluntarily to declare a pregnancy while working with radioactive materials or radiation producing equipment
Safety Manual for staff using X-ray equipment and Electron Microscopes
Form for assessing the regulatory compliance of X-ray machines
Form to be completed prior to transfer or destruction of Radiation Generating Equipment