Safety Eyeglass Program - Facilities Management

The University of Northern Iowa Facilities Management department requires safety eyeglasses as necessary for all full-time, part-time, and temporary employees and students identified as needing eye protection.  This type of protection shall be required if the work hazard assessment indicates such, or traversing areas where eye protection is required.  The list of eligible employees will be reviewed annually and updated based on the work hazard assessment for each position.

The maximum safety eyeglasses reimbursement for employees (students excluded) is $250 every two years with or without prescription, not to exceed the actual cost of safety glasses purchases.  The employee may choose more expensive styles, but the employee must pay the additional cost. 

An agreement has been put in place with LensCrafters for direct payment for prescription eyewear.  To utilize this program, employees must receive an authorization form and take this with them to the LensCrafters located in Cedar Falls.  This form provides for a significant discount that is applied before the $250 reimbursement limit.  The authorization form and invoice from LensCrafters must be returned to the Facilities Management front office for payment.  Employees may choose options that exceed the $250 limit, however the employee is responsible for the amount over $250.   

As an option, employees will be allowed to purchase "OSHA approved" prescription safety glasses with permanently attached side shields from their own doctor or vendor.  Facilities Management front office processes requests for reimbursement for Facilities Management employees.  The following information must be submitted in order to receive a reimbursement:

  1. Name and UNI ID number of employee
  2. Original safety glasses purchase receipt
  3. Amount of reimbursement requested (not to exceed the purchase price on the receipt)

See the Safety Prescription Glasses Purchase Procedure for additional information.